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The Aerotrim has made a HUGE difference to my riding experience. I started biking again after 25 years and, needless to say, I am not the cocky little school kid I used to be that thought she was hell on wheels! I ride a lowered version of the BMW F650GS, that is a truly fantastic bike for ladies as it is well-balanced, really easy to handle, with lekker big expandable panniers to clip on for those trips that us ladies need to load everything that normally would go in our large handbags plus the 'necessary' luggage for the trip. Anyway, when I started my recent biking journey in September 2006, I was rather nervous and initially drove my husband, John and best buddy, Dougy, around the bend. They very kindly persevered (no, seriously, they both deserve medals for bravery) and after many months of short trips around the area near my home, I eventually felt confident enough to go on my very first breakfast run. What a thrill! The weeks and months went by, with me throwing the occasional tantrum (picture me throwing my helmet on the ground with tears streaming down my red face - smile) because I was being buffeted by the ever-present Cape of Storms wind that never stops blowing. It scared me witless! At one stage I refused to get back on my steely steed for about 6 weeks, and after much sweet-talk and encouragement from my husband and Ulysses WC buddies, I got back on the horse again. Something absolutely mind-boggling had happened - the wind did not drive me to hysteria anymore. I would be howling back at the wind, "blow, you bastard, blow", inside my helmet and break out in occasional fits of giggling, bursting with pride at the fact that I had overcome this irrational fear of the wind. In my travels with the biking fraternity, in which we almost invariably end up discussing the weather conditions on our way to Karoo Saloon or wherever, I have yet to meet a Biker that does not prefer less windy conditions. I braved the elements, and learnt to contend with all sorts of conditions, including hail, thunder & lightning, torrential rain and...wind. But still, I wanted to know if there was something out there that could help me enjoy my riding experience more, and make my bike more stable in the buffeting winds. I had also increased my speed somewhat, and found that my neck took a lot of strain as the wind was pushing against my helmet at speeds in excess of 130km/h. At one of our gatherings, Charles Brink and my John got to talking about this, and it was decided that an Aerotrim Screen should be fitted, which Charles promptly did, very kindly coming to our home and fitting this wonderful little invention. WOW!!! WOW!!! WOWEEE!!! Is the only thing I can say to aptly describe what a difference this little thing has made to my riding experience!! My bike's handling is a lot easier all-round, a whole lot more stable in the wind, and I can now quite happily open her up to over 160km/h without my neck taking strain. In windy conditions, my bike is also a lot more stable when I'm cornering in a pass or going around a sweeping bend. Charles, all I can say is, THANKYOU SO MUCH! I AM NOW A VERY HAPPY & CONFIDENT BIKER!! Best regards, Natalie Sharpe


Great great product!!! many of my friends installed aerotrim and all of them satisfied.Decided to put one on my XT660R Yamaha and pleased to say I enjoy riding much more no extra wind can open the wiser of my helmet at ± 140km/h with no problems.Product installed in a few min thanks Jacques for a great product!!! Garras

Triumph 955i
I have tested the product on my 955i and drive with an open face helmet at 220km/h with no problem, it's unbelievable. I prefer the unit in the folded down position and scoops the air very nice!

TDM 850

I do a lot off long distance road and off road trips and always needed just that 1 or 2 inches lift in my existing screen to deflect the wind, but since I fitted the Aerotrim I've enjoyed my bike so much more. Great, worthwhile. All bikes should have this. The best of all it fits to my existing screen and saves a lot of money. Good price too.


I've been biking for many years now and always tried to avoid long distance trips due to wind resistance and the tiring effect of wind on the rider and pillion. I now own a KTM 950 Adventure and since I fitted the Aerotrim product I feel more at ease at high speeds and really find the advantage of having less direct wind on to my helmet. Great invention  Really works.


I own a 650 Transalp Honda and due to my size and length I always struggled with wind and could not really hide behind my existing original screen. Since I fitted the Aerotrim no more direct wind and down force on to my helmet and eventually tiring my neck and arms. Great product at the price worthwhile.


My SV was always great to ride but I felt the tiring effect on long trips and could not really hide from wind at high speeds. Since I fitted the Aerotrim it really is a pleasure to do long trips and a 600km breakfast run is nothing to come back and want to ride more. The Aerotrim also deflects rain nicely and once I go into the laying down position, I can hear the sound of my motor and have the time to hum my favorite tune at 240km/h. This product is fitted directly onto my aftermarket screen and looks good too.


I own a DL V-Strom 1000 cc and had problems with wind ever since I bought the bike. Great bike but due to the wind and my riding position seeing that I am a tall person and considered selling the bike for something with less wind effect. It's amazing that such a small accessory as the Aerotrim solved my problem in such a way that I'm no longer selling my bike.

KLR 650

Riding my KLR 650 up and down town was great but once I hit the open roads the wind was the most exhausting part of the ride. I fitted an Aerotrim and really could feel the difference in riding style and I could travel. Great add-on for any bike.

ZZR 1100

"Will this work on a bike like mine?" was the question and "what will it look like?" No problem, since I fitted the Aerotrim I can feel the difference and really would say it looks good too. Very well designed and tested up to 250 km/h just stuck on with the double sided tape. It's really steady and shows no signs of distortion. Amazing accessory.

FAZER 1000cc

Being in a straight sit-up position and always trying to avoid the wind flow I considered going for an Aerotrim. Great stuff, it really works and high speed is no problem. Very strong design and looks great. Even my pillion feels the difference. So much more enjoyable ride even after a full day in the saddle.


Scully, after receiving your e-mail last Friday I contacted Jacques and had one of the screens fitted that afternoon. I can assure you that my V-Strom 1000 has been revolutionized by the fitment. No more wind buffeting and head shake. What a relief. I have been from Sedgefield to Mosselbay with it and went to Grahamstown on Monday and returned in the gale force headwind and rain yesterday. The attachment acted perfectly and after this strenuous test I can truthfully say that it is one of the best purchases I have made.  Jacques is on to a winner.  PS: I have also purchased one for my KLR


My XT 660 was already fitted with an aftermarket with a lip to deflect wind. Riding with an open face motocross helmet I could not hide from the wind, after fitting an Aerotrim I can now sit up straight with no wind effect.

Excellent product.


Instead of buying a double bubble screen I invested in an Aerotrim fitted to my bike. Perfect wind deflection, at a quarter of the price. It even came in the same color as my existing screen. It works great.


I fitted an Aerotrim to my existing screen and have a perfect wind deflection even at high speeds. I enjoy my bike so much more. All bikes should have one.

GS 1200 BMW

This is really a must have accessory to any bike.  Since I fitted the Aerotrim I feel less of a buffeting effect and even my pillion smiles after a long and iring trip. It really does look great on the BMW and does not break the image down. I preffer the clear screen fo better sunset vision..


Why does Honda not fit the Aerotrim as standard? It works a great deal better than any extended or aftermarket screen I have tried before.  No more serious buffeting and looks cool.  Great value for money.


This is really a great invention in the biking industry and one day each and every bike should have this.  The effect of such a small screen is unbelievable.


Since I fitted the Aerotrim screen on my new Multistrada I can feel the difference in riding after longer distances.  It fits perfectly on to my existing standard screen and looks very nice fitted.  Very easy to fit as a DIY item.

BMW R1150RT:

I am the proud owner of abovementioned bike but due to my lenght, the wind was very uncomfortable although the screen was on it\'s highest setting. Was thinking about a \"touring\" screen but various photo\'s of BM\'s with huge screens put me off! Comments were also made that stability was influenced, so luckily a friend told me about AEROTRIM!!! Made contact with Jacques on the internet and after thousands of questions, which he calmly answered to my satisfaction, he personally delivered my \'piece of gold\',in Cape Town. Fitted it to my bike, took it for a test drive and at 140kph I could still ride with an open visor. Absolutely amazing and looking forward to my trip from Cape Town to the Rhino. At the end of the day..I am now the satisfied agent for Jaques in the Cape Town area.....don\'t hesitate, for only R400.00 you won\'t get better value for money. Charles Brink


What a fine product the Aerotrim is.  It is well made and easy to fit.  The improvement on my BMW F800ST is remarkable, no more head buffeting making riding less tiring and more enjoyable.  Thanks for a great product and efficient sales service. Kind Regards Ronald Scott.

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