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Installing Your Aerotrim


Instructions to install the Aerotrim

 1.Ask someone to keep the motorcycle upright.

 2.Clean the screen

 3.Straddle the front wheel. Do not remove the backing of the double side tape.

 4.Without removing the protection of the double sided tape, place the Aerotrim in the centre of the screen using the centre bolt and fuel cap to find the centre.

 5.Ensure that the baseplates are flat on the screen. If it is not flat, you can mould the baseplates to fit the curvature of the screen.

 6.Remove the backing of the double sided tape, touch the tips of the baseplates on the windscreen, about 5 mm from the top.

 7.Ensure that it is the right position and press down on the baseplates to stick the Aerotrim to the windscreen.

 8.Adjust the Aerotrim to its highest position, and drill a 3mm holes using the pilot holes in the baseplates. Don't press the drill too hard, let it sort of work it's way through the screen at its own pace.

 9.Insert the bolts and nuts and backing plate.

IMPORTANT If your screen has a curve in the top of your screen, use the washers on the inside of your screen.

10.Tighten other bolts and nuts. Do not overtighten any of the nuts as this will result in failure of the product.

Aerotrim does not accept responsibility damage caused by mounting of the Aerotrim.

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